Christ the Teacher looks at how Jesus challenged the foundational understanding of the Messiah and the mission of His New Kingdom. 

Classes include: The Contrasts of Christ the Teacher, The Chosen of Christ the Teacher, Christ the Teacher - the Sower, Christ the Teacher - the Lamp, The Deliverance of Christ the Teacher, The Touch of Christ the Teacher, The Familiarity of Christ the Teacher, Conscience and Consequence, The Bread of Christ the Teacher, The Identity of Christ the Teacher


This course raises a central question in both our Spirituality and in our Catechetical Ministry. Our own care of ourselves needs to be seen in the way Christ sees us, and balanced with the service we offer in humility.

Classes include: Christ our Model, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done, Listening for our Call, Reflection and Self Examination, Wounded Healers, The Ways You Talk to Yourself, Your Prayer Life: Part 1, Your Prayer Life: Part 2, A Balanced Life

The Ministry of Apologetics is designed to help those who feel called to defend the faith by preparing them to know not only their audience, but also how apologetics will vary with different people. It also offers further training, by emphasis on a prayer-life, and offers a framework of challenges to the Church in history and today, which are addressed through Apologetics. 

Classes include: Introduction, Personal Contact is Key, Apologetics for Kids and Teens, Apologetics for Non-Catholic Adults, Apologetics for The Non-Catechized, Apologetics for the Well-Catechized, Why We Need to Pray and How to Start, Prayer and Growth in Prayer, Historical Attacks on the Church, Conclusion-The Church in Modern Times