This course presents God's Revelation  in the great Scripture  adventure: from Eden to Eden.  Understanding the "Big Picture" of our Faith, allows us to imitate God's method in His Revelation.

Classes include: Days 1-3 of Creation Account 1, Days 4-6 of Creation Account 1, Day 7 of Creation Account 1, The Garden: Creation, The Garden: The Fall, The Flood, The Red Sea, The Ark of the Covenant, The Promised Land, The New Covenant

Teaching  with Scripture: An Introduction to the Bible presents the fundamentals needed to read and study the Sacred Scriptures with "the mind" of the Catholic Church. 

Classes include: Becoming Familiar with the Bible: the Crucial First Steps, Tools for Learning Scripture: A Review of the Study Resources, Biblical Inspiration: The Foundational Doctrine, Biblical Inerrancy: The Church's Reasonable Explanation, The Canon of Scripture: The Collection of Divine Books, Interpreting the Bible: Essential Catholic Guidelines, The Bible in the Church: The Relation of Scripture, Tradition and Magisterium, An Overview of Salvation History: God Speaks to Us, Biblical Geography: A Look at the Holy Land, God's Word and the Interior Life: Praying with the Scriptures

Referencing the writings of Scripture and Church Fathers, this course studies how the Church taught, and the importance of its teaching from the Old and New Testament tradition through the early Apologists.

Classes include: Catechesis in Scripture - The Old Testament, Catechesis in Scripture - The New Testament, The Didache, The Heresy of Gnosticism, The Canon of Scriptures, The Apostolic Fathers, The Apologists (Part 1): Justin Martyr, The Apologists (Part 2): Irenaeus, Tertullian & Origen, The Apologists (Part 3): Hippolytus, Classroom Applications

Referencing the writings of various Church Fathers, this course studies how the Church taught, and the importance of protecting its teaching from the Gnostics and Arians through the writings of the Great Catechists.

Classes include: The Heresy of Arianism, Foes of Arianism, The Great Catechists (Part 1): John Chrysostom and Vincent of Lerins, The Great Catechists (Part 2): Augustine of Hippo, The Catechumenate of Old, The Catechumenate Today, The First Seven Ecumenical Councils, The Middle Ages, St. Thomas Aquinas, Classroom Applications

Using catechetical documents, this course addresses how the Church teaches as well as pastoral challenges for teaching the faith from the time of the Reformation to the present day.

Classes include: The Reformation, Catechesis and Catechisms, The Council of Trent, The Catechism of the Council of Trent (The Roman Catechism), Modern Catechetical Trends (Part 1), Modern Catechetical Trends (Part 2), The Catechism of the Catholic Church, The General Directory for Catechesis, Modern Catechetical Movements, Classroom Applications