This course is a study of Scripture and what it reveals about the Catholic faith.

Classes include: Our Loving Creator (Six Days of Creation), Together in the Garden (Man and Woman), Turning Away from God (the Fall), Offering Sacrifice (Cain and Abel), A New Creation (Noah), Promises Made by God (Abraham), A Test of Fidelity (Isaac), A Trick and a Blessing (Jacob and Esau), Duty and Love (Leah and Rachel)

This is a study of Scripture and what it reveals about our Faith, specifically examining the life of Moses through his major events, end with his last words and Joshua's carrying on his legacy.

Classes include: From Water to the Kingdom (Infancy of Moses), Called by God (Burning Bush), No Other Gods (Plagues), Freed from Slavery (Exodus), I will be Your God and You will be My People (Covenant), True Worship (Golden Calf), To the Promised Land (Spies), Forty Years in the Desert (Wandering), Moses' Last Words (Catechesis), Entering the Promised Land (Joshua)

A study of Scripture and  what it reveals about the Catholic faith, focusing on the Judges of the Old Testament and how they prefigured Jesus, all the way through Jesus' childhood.

Classes include: Judges (Gideon and Samson), A New King for Israel (Samuel, Saul, David), The Throne of David (Solomon), A Divided Kingdom (North and South), Exiled (Assyria and Babylonia), Restoration of Israel (Rebuilding), The Kingdom of God is at Hand (Maccabees), The Annunciation and Visitation (Mary and Elizabeth), The Birth of Jesus and Escape to Egypt (Infancy of Jesus), Lost and Found in the Temple (Childhood of Jesus)

A study of Scripture and what it teaches about our Catholic Faith, focusing on Jesus' life and ministry and how He established the foundations of the Church.

Classes include: This is My Beloved Son (Baptism of our Lord), Do Whatever He Tells You (Wedding at Cana), The Call of the Apostles (Early Ministry), The Kingdom of God (Parables), Jesus' Teaching (Sermon on the Mount), Miracles (Healing and Nature), Bread of Life, Friend of Sinners and My Father's House (Man and God), The Last Supper (Sacrifice and Meal), Jesus' Passion and Resurrection (End of Public Ministry)

A study of Scripture and what it teaches us about the beginnings of the Catholic Church, starting from the days immediately following the Resurrection.  This course follows the early work of the Apostles and other important figures in the early Church such as Stephen and Paul. 

Classes include: Feed My Sheep (Post-Resurrection and Ascension),  Pentecost (Descent of the Holy Spirit, Version of Jews in Jerusalem), Stephen Martyr (Witness of Martyr), Philip and the Ethiopian (Conversion of Jews outside Jerusalem), Peter and Cornelius (Conversion of Gentiles), The Conversion of Saul (Conversion of Gentiles in Distant Lands), The Council of Jerusalem (Authority of the Church), To the Ends of the Earth (Jews Disperse), Paul's Trial (Peter and Paul to Rome), Our God Reigns (Forever!)